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A unique partner to engage university students

iamyouth is an integrated marketing and communications agency, with a speciality in connecting brands to university students; to support your marketing, employer branding and corporate communication efforts.

Our Services
Branding Strategy
We build your branding and positioning strategy for youth and identify your touchpoints.
Communication Consulting
We set up your online/offline communication plan for target groups, monitor the progress and optimize it constantly.
Concept Development
We develop activation ideas; such as campaigns, projects and events.
We produce physical/digital communication materials to tell your true stories.
Digital Management
We manage your social media channels and digital assets, as well as executing online projects.
Events & Promotions
We stage events to create unique brand experiences and implement promotions to spread the word, powered by our student clubs network.
Some of Our Clients
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Sakıp Sabancı Museum

With the opening of «The RussianAvant-garde» exhibition, we launched a special communication campaign for SakıpSabancı Museum (SSM) in order to attract university students to the museum.

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Alarko Group

Since 2015, Alarko Group has been communicating with its target groups and empowering young talents thanks to our LinkedIn management and «Alarko Talent Day» project.

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Coca Cola Beverages (CCI)

We built and implemented an employer branding communication strategy, including digital management and career-oriented online / offline activations, for CCI to reach university students and target groups.

Our Platforms

Üniaktivite® is a mobile app that jazzes up university life through activities in Turkey. Our mobile application provides a unique channel for corporations to easily access university students.

The Campus Pulse

The Campus Pulse® is our research product that measures university students "lifestyles and consumption habits", their relationships with brands and analyzes the results.

About us
8 years of experience on Youth Communication and University Campus Relationship Management.
Providing Strategy, Creative and Activation services for brands
Owner of Üniaktivite mobile app and Campus Pulse youth research
A network of ~250 Student Clubs, located in ~15 cities and ~60 universities in Turkey